Richard Chan: The Proven Conman

Be warned this man is a thief/completely incompetent. I asked him to fill out paperwork for an adult name change and he sent me totally made-up jibber jabber back that had absolutely nothing to do with what the court requires. I paid him in advance, and he conned me out of $250.00.

Whatever you do, do not pay him in advance.  Richard Chan going to be reporting him to the Supreme Court of Arizona Certification and Licensing Division.

Legal documents are an essential component in the majority of financial transactions as well as legal proceedings. These documents offer individuals and organizations the essential legal backing that is required for their activities.

Regrettably, there are dishonest people in the world who seek out naive customers and take advantage of their lack of understanding of the law and the procedure involved in the legal system in order to con them out of the money that they have worked so hard to earn. Richard Chan, the con artist who runs Tucson Legal Documents, is one example of this type of person.

Who is Richard Chan?

Tucson Legal Documents is a company that claims to provide services in the area of legal document preparation. Richard Chan is the company’s founder as well as its owner. Chan has been working in this industry for a number of years and has successfully built up a sizeable clientele both in Tucson and the areas immediately surrounding the city.

On the other hand, his business methods have been called into question because a number of his customers have accused him of engaging in fraudulent activities.

Chan’s standard business practice consists of billing his customer’s exorbitant amounts of money for legal documents, some of which can be obtained legally for no cost online. Additionally, he offers legal counsel, despite the fact that he is not authorized to do so, and frequently misrepresents himself as a licensed attorney.

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Clients have reported that the documents that Chan provides them with are frequently full of errors, which forces them to incur additional costs in order to correct the mistakes.

The Conspiracy

It is advertised that Tucson Legal Documents is a legal document preparation service that can assist individuals with a wide variety of legal needs, ranging from divorce papers to documents related to estate planning. However, customers who have used Tucson Legal Documents have reported a variety of problems, including documents that were incorrect, documents that were missing, and even documents that were never filed with the court. Customers who have used Tucson Legal Documents have reported these issues.

Customers have reported that Richard Chan promised to handle their entire legal case, but then disappeared with their money and left them without any legal representation. In other words, Richard Chan broke his promise to his customers. In other instances, customers have reported that Richard Chan charged them exorbitant fees for straightforward legal documents like power of attorney forms. These customers were unhappy with the prices that Richard Chan charged them.

Tucson Legal Documents: A Den of Thieves

Tucson Legal Documents has been described by some clients as a “den of thieves,” with Chan at the helm. Many clients have reported being taken advantage of by the business, with some losing thousands of dollars.

Chan is known to pressure clients into paying upfront for his services, promising quick turnaround times and the best legal documents. However, clients often receive subpar documents or no documents at all, leaving them in legal limbo and out of pocket.

Some clients have reported that Chan’s business practices are predatory, with him targeting vulnerable individuals who are unfamiliar with the legal process. Many of his clients are low-income individuals, immigrants, and senior citizens who may not have the resources or knowledge to navigate the legal system.

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Legal Ramifications for Richard Chan

Richard Chan’s business practices have caught the attention of the authorities, with the Arizona Supreme Court issuing a cease-and-desist order against him in 2019. The order directed Chan to stop engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and to refund clients who had been duped by his business.

The order also required Chan to pay a fine of $3,500 and to take an ethics course.

Despite the court order, Richard Chan continues to operate Tucson Legal Documents, flouting the law and preying on unsuspecting clients. It is important for individuals to be aware of his fraudulent activities and to seek legal assistance from licensed attorneys and reputable legal document preparation services.

Attention: Programs and Investigations Unit
1501 West Washington, Suite #104
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231

FAX # 602-452-3958
General Inquiries Call: (602) 452-3378
Text Telephone (TTY/TTD) for the hearing impaired: (602) 452-3545
AND YOU CAN TOO, (he already has complaints they told me)

I will also be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau. Don’t worry about his fake rebuttals. You can believe every single bad review on this site and elsewhere is completely legit.

Taking Legal Steps

Several clients who have been wronged by Tucson Legal Documents and Richard Chan have filed lawsuits against the company in question. A client who paid Richard Chan $2,000 to handle a divorce case never received any legal representation and was left with incorrect divorce papers, according to one instance of this transpiring scenario. In a different instance, a client who had paid Tucson Legal Documents to prepare estate planning documents found out that the documents were invalid and needed to retain the services of a different attorney to correct the errors.


A lesson to be learned from the story of Richard Chan and Tucson Legal Documents is that vulnerable people can easily be taken advantage of by con artists who prey on their lack of information and vulnerability. When searching for legal assistance, it is essential for individuals to be well-informed and watchful, and they must also make certain that they are cooperating with licensed attorneys or reputable legal document preparation services. It is critical that Chan be held responsible for the actions that he has taken because his business practices have resulted in negative repercussions for a large number of people.

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Both Tucson Legal Documents and Richard Chan are not authorized to provide services in the preparation of legal documents. They are criminals who prey on weak people who are in need of legal assistance and take advantage of them. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, it is imperative that you conduct adequate research and select an attorney or legal document preparation service that has a good reputation. Do not put your faith in con artists like Richard Chan and Tucson Legal Documents; they will take advantage of you.

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  1. Hey, there sorry to hear you got scammed out of your money. Do yourself a favor and everyone else no doubt would appreciate it. Report it to the proper authorities that’s how you pay them suckers back, even if you don’t get your money back or all they do is get the report and you beleive it ends there it doesn’t there is so many going on they have to pick the most serious offense to go after or those that are always shoeing up the more folks that report it the more they are getting ready to investigate. sooner or later you will read about it. lol that will put a smile on your face and make it a better day for you. Besides help all those innocent folks that may get scammed by them. Especially when they families and barely able to put food on the table or trying to better there life’s. Thanks for your time. Check these government agencies have a lot of information to help even information to get your money back in certain situations. Don’t forget to report. it helps everyone in time.

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