Jay M. Pensler, MD – Botches Surgeries and Sues Clients

Jay Pensler is a plastic surgeon in Chicago who threatens to sue you if you post a complaint against his clinic. He has botched numerous procedures and doesn’t like it when someone shares this fact with others. 

In the following points, you’ll read about how Pensler interacts with his clients and whether he is worth your money or not: 

About Jay M. Pensler, MD: Cost, Location, Timings, Etc.

Jay M. Pensler, MD runs a cosmetic surgery clinic in Chicago, Illinois. Its address is 680 N Lake Shore Dr #1125, Chicago, IL 60611, US. The clinic opens from 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and its contact number is 312-642-7777. 

Dr. Pensler performs various procedures such as facelift, breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, injectables, breast reduction, facial fillers. 

He is reputed for going after his patients if they post a negative review online. Dr. Pensler has botched numerous procedures in his career and if a victim shares their experience online, he calls them “mentally challenged”. 

Moreover, he files lawsuits against his patients and harasses them for posting a complaint online. There are numerous instances of him trying to ruin the lives of his ex-patients simply because they shared their negative experience with others. 

That’s why I thought it was crucial to share his review here. It would let me share the truth about that guy anonymously. 

Jay M. Pensler, MD has Sued Multiple Clients for Sharing their Reviews Online

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Dr. Pensler has been in the headlines but for the wrong reasons. He filed multiple lawsuits against his customers several years ago because they criticized his botched surgeries online. So, if you can’t find complaints on him easily, chances are, it’s because of his $100,000 lawsuits.

Patient Developed an Infection, Dr. Pensler Stopped Responding

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

If you’re wondering about the Jay Pensler Gynecomastia cost, this is the review for you. Nathaniel hired Dr. Pensler for this procedure but had an infection. The clinic didn’t return his calls and he had to go to the ER where he received antibiotics for his swollen painful chest. 

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Nathaniel complains that his breast still hangs because Dr. Pensler didn’t do his job properly. Jay simply took his money and abandoned him as his client. Nathaniel paid $6,000 for the procedure and he still has gynecomastia. 

He doesn’t recommend Dr. Pensler because of the terrible experience he had.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

Dr. Pensler Doesn’t Ask Relevant Questions

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

Theresa had visited his clinic for a consultation. However, she points out that Dr. Pensler’s clinic is quite outdated and would have been relevant 25 years ago. He came into the consultation with a camera and asked several questions that weren’t related to her concern. She shares that she didn’t like her experience with him at all. 

Jay Pensler’s Clinic Has Inconsiderate and Feisty Staff

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

This reviewer visited his clinic despite the numerous negative reviews on his practice. According to the reviewer, the staff is inconsiderate and feisty. They couldn’t hire Jay to perform a surgery on them after such a terrible experience. 

Simple Mole Removal Left the Client With a Huge Scar

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Alissa here underwent a mole removal by Dr. Jay. She hoped it would be an office procedure but Jay told her that she will have to go to Northwestern OR for the procedure which made a huge dent on her finances because the cost increased. 

On top of that, Jay left a huge scar on her breast. Several years have passed since the surgery but you can still see where the stitches were. Alissa also points out that the staff is very rude and one of them even verbally abused her sister. 

Botched the Procedure, Took No Responsibility, Insulted the Patient Instead

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

Dr. Pensler misled this person into thinking that getting a liposuction and reconstruction surgery would help him when it didn’t. He shares that his chest grew back to its original size after several months of recovery. When the reviewer shared his issues with Dr. Pensler, he didn’t accept his fault.

Instead, he shamed the reviewer for getting fat and said that the failure of the surgery was because of his weight gain. Moreover, he lied about the weight of the reviewer when he stepped on the scale. 

The reviewer also points out that Dr. Pensler behaves very rudely with his staff. He quit going to any of the follow-up meetings because his therapists advised against it. 

Refused the Procedure at the Very Last Minute, Didn’t Give an Explanation

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

This person spent an hour and a half in consultation and Jay assured him that he will perform the surgery for gynecomastia. He had scheduled the surgery for March 16, 2018. The reviewer says that they had been waiting for 25 years for this procedure. 

Just a week before the surgery, they received a notification that Dr. Pensler can’t perform the surgery for them. They called the office and wanted to get a valid explanation why he can’t perform the surgery. However, they couldn’t talk to him because the nurse never let him. 

The reviewer shares that they can’t understand why Dr. Pensler made them believe he can perform the surgery during consultation. They don’t recommend him to anyone. 

Botched Breast Augmentation Gave Uneven and Asymmetrical Breasts

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

Jocelyn had a breast augmentation with Dr. Pensler. Six months after the procedure, her left implant dropped and the right implant seems way high up. She shares that she doesn’t have the kind of money to undergo another surgery. When she went back to Jay, he charged her $500 just to lower the right breast.

It took her a year and a half to get the money required for a second procedure. However, when she went back to him he quoted $1,500 just to raise the left implant. Jocelyn points out that she expected a proper surgery and had paid for all this the first time. She no longer trusts Dr. Pensler with her surgery and is looking for another surgeon to fix his mistakes. 

Moreover, Jay tried to make it seem as if it was her mistake that the surgery failed. He didn’t accept his fault or even offer any compensation for his failure. 

Underwent Two Surgeries But Received Disappointing Results

Jay M. Pensler, MD review

Mike underwent two surgeries with Dr Pensler, the second one was a revision for the first. However, even with two procedures, Dr. Pensler couldn’t deliver satisfactory results. 

Mike shares that he is looking for another surgeon to perform a third surgery to fix the issues. He points out that recovery was quite difficult the first time and he had to undergo this process twice. Mike also highlights that he felt like a dummy. 

According to Mike, Dr. Pensler doesn’t possess the artistry you’d expect a plastic surgeon to have. 

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Jay M. Pensler, MD review

Expert Verdict: Please Stay Away From Jay M. Pensler MD!

All of these reviews suggest that Jay M. Pensler MD isn’t a reliable surgeon. He has failed many procedures and he harasses you if you complain about your negative experience online. Certainly, he isn’t an ethical professional and you should stay miles away from such an unreliable doctor. 

Find someone else because chances are, Dr. Pensler will botch your procedure too. 

2.9Expert Score
Beware of Dr. Pensler

People complain about feeling no compassion or empathy in his clinic. Some reviews also highlight how he has botched surgeries and refused to take responsibility. Clearly, there isn’t a good thing to say about this clinic unless it’s a lie.

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  • Threatens clients for posting complaints
  • Rude staff
  • Incompetent
  • Has failed countless surgeries

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