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Lisamarie Bourke – Drugs, Promiscuity and Lies (Updated)

Lisamarie Bourke is a social activist, yoga influencer, and holistic practitioner. 

However, before all this, she was the ex of Donny Tourette, the Celebrity Big Brother quitter. 

With Donny, Lisamarie used to live quite a peculiar life. She explained her eccentric lifestyle to The Mirror UK where she explained how Donny was ruining his life with coke. 

The wild punk rocker had quit Big Brother because he couldn’t live a day without doing cocaine. Lisamarie Bourke revealed to the MIrror that Donny “used to snort cocaine off her 34F boobs before sex”.

Lisamarie Bourke

Furthermore, because of the drugs, Donny was unable to sexually satisfy Lisamarie Bourke as well. 

I have explained this unique The People report below: 

Lisamarie Bourke, a former Psychology student at Aberdeen University, told The Mirror that when her partner, Donny takes cocaine, he becomes a completely different person. 

Before taking the Class A drug, he is a charming and polite person. However, once he starts snorting out the drug, his personality takes a complete 180 turn. 

Lisamarie Bourke explained that on her first night with him, she didn’t realize how much of a cokehead Donny was until she got to his home. 

Lisamarie Bourke explained her experience with cocaine in her own words:

“We were kissing and fondling each other in his lounge and then got into the bedroom”. 

She explains that as soon as they fell on the bed, she was expecting him to peel off her dress and make love to her. 

However, he reached down the side of the bed and pulled out a pouch of cocaine. Then, he started snorting lines of it off a book through a rolled-up £20 note.

When Lisamarie Bourke’s Boyfriend Snorted Coke Off Her Breasts:

She also told The Mirror UK that she doesn’t touch drugs herself. Hence, when he offered her some, she refused. 

Did You Know?

The Mirror UK is a tabloid daily newspaper of Britain. Alfred Harmsworth founded the newspaper in the year, 1903. The Mirror provides political, sports, entertainment and lifestyle information.

Lisamarie Bourke goes in more detail: 

“The next thing I knew, I was lying on the bed naked and Donny was running lines of coke across my breasts”. 

“I arched my back in the air and he bent over me and hoovered the whole lot up in a giant whoosh”. 

Lisamarie said that even a Dyson couldn’t have done a better job because there was not a single speck of cocaine left. 

Afterward, Donny started jabbering away with his running nose and watering eyes. Lisamarie Bourke told The Mirror that the sex became secondary because Donny was only interested in getting his next hit. 

“I’m a very sexual person and know how to turn on a man but Donny was so coked that he could hardly rise to the occasion”, Lismarie said. 

After that night, the Playboy model didn’t want to see him anymore. However, he kept pestering her through texts so she gave in and went over to his flat later. 

Lisamarie Bourke pointed out that she expected to go out clubbing. But Donny only wanted to stay in, taking cocaine and drinking. 

The model and now-yoga influencer said that Donny was slurring and was extremely loud so she walked out on him.

Currently, Lisamarie Bourke has become a social activist and is running a blog to make people aware of homelessness. 

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To call Lisamarie Bourke’s lifestyle “eccentric” would be an understatement. The former student of Aberdeen University’s life was filled with drugs and promiscuity. Now, she has become a social activist.

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    Lisamarie sounds like a frustrated ex who wants to get back at Donny. Yeah he has had a troubled past but he is a good guy nonetheless. She is a nobody and is making up stuff to attack a renowned artist. It’s pathetic and disgusting behavior.

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