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BeManaged Review 2024

Terrible Customer Experience

I met with a representative from BeManaged some time ago regarding their services. BeManaged is a 401k retirement planning advisor. As a client, I would say that these people aren’t worth your account at all. I hated my experience with BeManaged and I don’t think anyone else would disagree. The representative who interacted with me was very rude. Moreover, BeManaged doesn’t give sufficient time to its clients. Getting a meeting with one of their advisors is a nightmare. When you start working with this firm, you join a group of valueless people who don’t matter to this company. 

If they want your account, they will treat you like a king. But as soon as they get your account, their behaviour changes drastically. I think this is the worst thing about BeManaged. They are manipulating their clients by appearing trustworthy at first and then changing their behaviour later on. In my opinion, it’s the worst way a financial advisor can behave with a client.

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

I wouldn’t name any names in this review because I don’t want to defend anyone. However, the advisors at this place don’t respect their clients at all. If they did, they would give their clients proper time and listen to them accordingly during meetings. Whether you’re an employer or an individual investor, working with these people is a nightmare. I have talked to some of their other clients. Even though they are working with these people, they told me that they hate the client service of this company too. So it’s not an isolated case. There are many clients who hate working with BeManaged.


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I hadn’t worked with a financial advisor before BeManaged, but that doesn’t mean I can’t distinguish between terrible client service and great one. It’s obvious to me that the people at BeManaged are too self-centred to focus on client service. 

BeManaged’s advisors lack respect for their clients. They don’t give sufficient to their clients. That’s why I don’t recommend working with this firm.

Another painful factor is the little time they give you for meetings. In such a short duration, discussing important financial topics is nearly impossible. Plus, when you add the rude behaviour of the advisors in the mix, things get more annoying. The meetings are usually a waste of time because they get me nowhere. The advisor doesn’t talk properly during the meetings and even when I ask a genuine question, they don’t give me a proper reply. It gets pretty annoying and I feel hopeless because of it. 

Imagine working with an expensive financial advisory firm that doesn’t treat you respectfully. Moreover, you don’t feel like quitting because you have already spent a fortune on those people. It feels as if I’m trapped with this company. I have tried to share my concerns regarding their terrible behaviour before, but they don’t respond to those complaints.  The people at this firm are terrible at handling criticism. I’m 100% certain of that. If that weren’t the case, they would have listened to me a long time ago and might have switched up their terrible client service. 

BeManaged Review; Conclusion

BeManaged’s client service is probably the worst one out there. These people lack respect for their clients and don’t care about them. The advisors at this firm don’t give sufficient time to their clients and behave poorly in meetings. Because of all this, it’s nearly impossible to work with these guys. I only started working with them because I thought they would be excellent but I was wrong. If I knew how they treat their clients, I wouldn’t have started doing business with BeManaged. I don’t recommend working with this company. 

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BeManaged is situated at Grand Rapids, MI. Their address is 5088 Corporate Exchange Blvd Suite 140. You can find plenty of financial advisors and retirement management advisors in this region. This review is for those who might have heard BeManaged’s name somewhere. I don’t want anyone else to make the mistake I made. You have the right to make a better-informed decision and this review will help you with the same. 

BeManaged offers terrible services. Their advisors don’t give enough time to clients and behave disrespectfully. I don’t suppose anyone would want such services.

3 Total Score
Not Worth Your Time or Money

If you want to work with a firm that doesn't respect its clients, only then you should choose to go with BeManaged. It's one of the most disrespectful service providers I have ever worked with. I don't recommend their services.

  • Careless
  • Disrespectful
  • Manipulative
  • Irresponsible
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  1. Financial advisors are never worth your money. The whole industry is a scam. Apart from a few exceptions, nearly everyone is busy trying to dupe their clients. I have worked with some financial service providers and I have seen how vicious those people. They are always concerned about manipulating their clients. Only a few people care about their client’s success in this industry. People think those online gurus are the worst but that’s only because they don’t know about the scams going on in this sector. A financial advisor to act like he or she wants the best for you only to dupe you.

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