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Angelika Lancsak: Exposed With Illegal Matchmaking Business. The Truth Exposed

Angelika Lancsak founded Matchmaking in Austria over 25 years ago, based in London.

Several individuals and clients have complained about Angelika Lancsak’s fraudulent Matchmaking agency. The fact that the matchmaking website has a UK business address and a phone number in Australia makes it seem like a scam to individuals. 

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Nothing on the website indicates that the company is accurate, and there is no business address, but there are two buttons, both of which lead to PayPal for payment of 3000 euros. 

According to a client review, Angelika Lancsak lied about her age on her passport; she is 50 but claims to be 40. In an interview, she said she only took Dubai clients and began offering Emirati matchmaking in 2002.

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Angelika Lancsak has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

What Do Clients Say About Angelika Lancsak?

Angelika Lancsak – Scam 

A client stated that she was her client and that Angelika Lancsak was absurd. She has no idea how to treat clients, and she does not have professionalism. The customer went on to say that she is a fraud who only damages humanity. 

The client added that there are many honest matchmakers worldwide, so don’t invest in Angelika, or you’ll waste your energy, valuable time, and money as I did.

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She Charges Money For Nothing

According to a researcher, Angelika Lancsak’s services are entirely suspicious. She has no helpful information on her platforms; she has kept the same profiles on her website for many years. She charges a lot of money on her website for nothing and doesn’t even have a network to back her up.

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Matchmaking Is Useless

A client talked about her experience with Angelika Lancsak. She mentioned that she wanted to sign up with Angelika and get matched with a multimillionaire, an affluent entrepreneur in the UAE, with proof of funds.

Angelika Lancsak

Angelika then refused to provide any information to her. Instead, she told her that the client could check on their salary after a date or engage a lawyer for more insight. 

When she contacted the matchmaking service, she expected to be wholly informed about her potential life partner’s financial status. She was in a state of stress. She said it was a fraud as Angelika did nothing and charged a lot of money.

How Does Angelika Lancsak’s Matchmaking Work?

Lancsak, like many other elite matchmakers, believes she is the best matchmaker. However, before taking on a client, she conducts in-depth interviews and phone calls/Skype discussions with them.

In an interview with Gulf News, she stated that she receives many inquiries daily but only accepts clients she believes she can assist – about five percent of those who apply. 

“My success rate is 40%, which means that 40% of my matches result in marriage or committed long-term relationships.”

Angelika Lancsak

She conducts the investigation, looking for pairings that meet each client’s requirements. She will exchange contact information with a potential partner she finds through her network once both parties show interest.


Angelika Lancsak charges clients as 2-year contracts start around USD 4,300, with more expensive “VIP” options available.

About Angelika Lancsak

Angelika Lancsak is the Managing Director of her dating firm, Matchmaking Ltd. She describes herself as an international matchmaker. She works in Elite matchmaking, with a focus on the Middle East.

Angelika was born into an Austrian family and worked in the family business in Austria and Switzerland for a few years. She states that she was instructed by a prominent global entrepreneur based in Monaco from 1998 until 2006.

Angelika Lancsak
Angelika Lancsak

She also claims to be the only international high-end matchmaker in the Middle East and Asia connected to leading families. She is currently only available by appointment. Since 2007, her company has been located in London, United Kingdom.

According to a Friday Magazine interview, Angelika Lancsak is a “one-woman show.” She primarily handles extremely wealthy customers, such as Russian oligarchs and Middle Eastern royalty. 

According to her website, she has “a global network with members of European and Arabian aristocracy, the wealthy upper class, as well as young and successful professionals.


Angelika Lancsak began her dating agency “Matchmaking”  in Austria more than 25 years ago, and it is currently based in London. She began providing Emirati matchmaking services in 2002.

Her clients claim that she needs to provide financial information to them. The website contains no information about the business address or who handles it, but two PayPal payment buttons fail to show credibility. 

In simple terms, Angelika Lancsak is scamming consumers by posting fake client testimonials on her website that lack evidence that they are genuine. Furthermore, she claims to only work with wealthy clients, which makes all the difference. She is a money-hungry person who only cares about making money, not relationships and connections.

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