Cienega Med Spa – Is She Playing with Lives? Uncover the Truth Behind the Glamorous Facade (Update 2023)

Cienega Med Spa is a medspa chain with two locations in California. The owner of the chain is an orthopedist whose staff harasses and threatens clients if they post their complaints online. 

Cienega Med Spa

It has received numerous complaints from its clients for its horrible customer service and for botched procedures. Moreover, medspa uses multiple unethical marketing tactics to hide these complaints. 

That’s why, I have posted the following review. It will help you understand how this medspa is putting the lives of people at risk through its negligence and what the people are actually saying:

About Cienega Med Spa & Its Owner Dr. Edward Glenning Stokes

Cienega Med Spa is a medical spa with locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Its owner is Dr. Edward Glenning Stokes. 

The contact number of its Los Angeles office is 310-928-1300 and the number of its Santa Monica location is 310-341-2741. Apart from Dr. Stokes, other notable people at this place are Dr. Nina Farokhian and Mary. 

They offer various services including:

  • Cortisone shot
  • Botox
  • Coolsculpting
  • Lip injections
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • IPL photofacial
  • Laser hair removal
  • Hydrafacial treatment
  • Microneedling
  • Skin resurfacing

And several more.

Even though he is the owner of multiple medical spas, Dr. Stokes doesn’t have a good reputation in the industry. 


He has received a ton of complaints from his clients for botching procedures and offering poor service:

1uNjY3VQu73ksgkpKTADvXrB1Y3vrNuwGLH0YvCNvlS4KauihYS3JvC6nabXYik27zIaW5ApjbqSapInf0xhY828Q 8Wt3o xeOO9zUXBeMurLKCrxAEN3dH ZBzqHbq U2s9Cbz55WUvAOevOI37Ia 8BWX7uDFyzixUUzpLK 6F3MYdQ3TjMM40uN6
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For example, the above reviewer says that they had approximately 4 appointments with him and they couldn’t see him in any one of them. The reviewer waited for an hour and a half thinking Stokes would come in but he didn’t. 

Then, the staff told the reviewer that Stokes wasn’t even in the clinic. After the reviewer had waited for such a long period, the staff asked them if they wanted to set up a new appointment with a different doctor

The reviewer says that it’s extremely rude of them to do so. Hence, they gave one out 5 stars to Dr. Stokes. 

Certainly, Dr. Edward Stokes isn’t as popular as he wants to be. Cienega Med Spa suffers from similar issues but instead of addressing them, Stokes resorts to unethical marketing tactics. 

He tries to distract consumers from the numerous negative Cienega Med Spa reviews:

What is Fake PR?

Fake PR” stands for “Fake Public Relations.” It refers to the deceptive or dishonest practices used to manipulate public perception, often involving false or misleading information about individuals, organizations, products, or events to enhance their reputation or hide negative aspects.

Dr. Edward Stokes & His Love For Unethical Marketing Tactics:

To promote Cienega Med Spa, Dr. Stokes uses multiple unethical marketing tactics:

Using Paid PR to Build a Fake Reputation

When you look up Cienega Med Spa, you might see several articles praising the establishment or its owner. Seeing these articles, you may easily think that Cienega Med Spa is a reputed service provider. 

However, most of these articles are paid. This means, Dr. Stokes has paid the websites to write an article on his business which praises it heavily. 

8vz1bITllz6AmIqQ9Ufm PgOMiUp6Fph50vXtyFc4hJCJs3XwyRcItL4vJADYb OoEsdB8OZOHhmJa4Sq76vNzuKL3zcpcSXSjnyGMwXIyq4sAjN8i1m gjspgYiAbMpDpco 5afF PlNzb vDfsWfeNFdSFMV1opRgO2sy9v 2zkh 99w

If you look closely, these are not normal blogs but PR sites. Such websites allow businesses to promote themselves and create an illusion of being reputed by posting positive articles about them. 

Shady businesses like Cienega Med Spa take advantage of these websites to make it seem as if third-party websites are talking about them. This isn’t the only shady medical practitioner which uses such an unethical marketing tactic. 

Another shady medical service provider who uses paid PR to hide negative reviews is Dr. Lara Devgan MD. What’s worse is that Dr. Stokes doesn’t just stop here.

Fake 5-Star Cienega Med Spa Reviews You Don’t Know About

When you look up ‘Cienega Med Spa Reviews’ you shouldn’t expect to see honest reviews. Why? Because the medspa pays people and its clients to post 5-star reviews on its business profiles. 

According to the FTC, this is an illegal business practice. 

The medspa offers its customers $15 gift cards to Amazon and Starbucks if they post a 5-star review on the business. FTC has clearly stated that soliciting reviews through paid endorsements is illegal. 

This explains why Dr. Stokes’ business enjoys a near-perfect rating on different review platforms even though it has received a ton of complaints from its clients. 

That’s not all. Here is a snippet of how the place solicits fake reviews from its clients: 

NDYuVEB3fJ4y2oqiZhBLd W8H 5DKyr CmdTxFSg 6B8DTr3PyvzJ3wui2TBKx1fPLlMPQdVpD7JfAI44uJkPaK64zpO JVbPJrl1MZenkNK2dbmw52RD0bXB8FgejC Z6BFvWelSaYzXPdN2KRYMY0H0ICTJ0vrtbmpZbNYp2qMeg2JgH 4KpNHhuaq

BBB Accreditation

Cienega Med Spa has a BBB accredited profile. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow ethical business practices to get an BBB accreditation. Instead, you only need to pay a hefty annual fee of around $10,000 to BBB to get their accreditation. 

In other words, a BBB accreditation is a paid membership of the popular review platform. 

CNN Money had done an extensive investigation on this matter. They found that many scammers and fraudsters enjoyed A or A+ ratings on BBB because they had accredited profiles. 

Paying BBB to get an accreditation gives you a lot of control over your BBB page as well. Furthermore, you enjoy an A or A+ rating regardless of how poorly you treat your customers. 

This is a terrible business practice and scammers take advantage of it to the fullest. Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery is another shady enterprise which tries to manipulate consumers into trusting them by using this tactic. 

Why does Cienega Med Spa need to lie so much? Because, the place has received too many complaints from its clients. In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the many Cienega Med Spa reviews I found online: 

Cienega Med Spa is Negligent and Reckless, Putting Its Clients’ Lives at Risk Through Its Lack of Expertise (Expert Review)

u8JFKOvx4CWj Z7J BjBzFiJdDml9Hh42FDj6rx4QBXs6dd rkajNvLyBApika3vpOFMLLDkhNRrjC5QkVtXYY5xp9YXszSbUi1YrRCLgvdG 0q2bd4o7OrGsr3bjyKOqYaggSLH6KrUkiGe91oPUHJYBTMuRGe8X6jKHUF2Wk4KcvvYRxxfMR nzpgp
tgMlvsTueQ36PuSuVt6L8DU7mCwtUi0hz 1uz0rD0TyOQX3B1lvyJBLAeSMansOueAE1bFR6ncP1NjUR4PvBWHBnT 2lG39AFEr24

Tashi is a JD, RN and had a terrible experience with Cienega Med Spa. In her original review, she said that people shouldn’t visit this place for most procedures. This medspa isn’t properly equipped for most of the cosmetic procedures it performs. 

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Tashi had visited this place because it was affordable. However, she highlights that the medspa has a “doctor around” instead of having one in-charge. Usually, you expect to have a dermatologist to oversee complex procedures. However, the doctor here is Dr. Edward Stokes, an orthopedist. 

He has no expertise in the field. The only other doctor present here is Dr. Nina F, a naturopathic doctor. 

According to Tashi, the leadership of this medspa is not qualified to offer complex cosmetic procedures to consumers. It puts the clients at extreme risk. 

Furthermore, the medspa doesn’t prescribe pre-procedure pain medication. This is something you won’t experience with a legitimate doctor’s office. Here, they apply a numbing cream but that isn’t usually sufficient for many procedures. When Tashi asked the staff why they only use numbing cream, they told her that they just do. 

She had a consultation for Ultherapy. Hence, she asked for before and after pictures of the clients who had undergone this procedure here. However, the palace didn’t have any photos to offer. 

Another huge red flag for Tashi was the hard-sell of this place. They offered to do the treatment the same day during the initial communications. She says that the medspa sees its patients as an annuity to pay off the expensive machines. 


Tashi posted multiple updates to her post because the clinic accused her of defamation and targeting them out of spite. She pointed out that she wasn’t defaming the place and was only concerned with sharing how she felt after her experience with this place. 

Also, she noticed that Cienega Med Spa calls every negative review a defamation attempt. 

The CEO of this medspa had said in her response that Tashi was saying negative things about her without even knowing her. However, Tashi highlights that she hadn’t said anything negative about her and had only asked for her credentials. Moreover, the clinic posted a confidential conversation Tashi had with one of hte nurses here. Tashi pointed out that the medspa violated HIPPA. 

In her last update, Tashi highlighted that two drugs listed as vitamines in their brochures aren’t vitamins at all. They are: Toradol and Zofran (Ketorolac). She was reviewing their brochure and noticed they offer a bogus and unprovent “vitamin therapy”. 

Tashi says that Cienega Med Spa is nothing but a hustle. The place is scamming consumers and is hoping that it will never get caught. 

She says that the palace lists RX Grade drugs as vitamins and she has never seen a business so blatantly misleading, reckless, irresponsible and wrong. Tashi highlights that Toradol is used IM and IV for moderate to severe pain while Zofran is used intra or post-operatively for chemo and nausea. 

Both of these drugs require detailed monitoring and can’t be a part of some bogus “Vitamin Therapy”. She says this “medspa” is putting the lives of its clients at risk as it uses things it doesn’t understand. 

Tashi questions if the medspa staff can understand liver function tests which one must perform for Toradol. She also wonders if they can recognize a cardigan arrhythmia on auscultation. Tashi points out that the medspa doesn’t even take a client’s BP and administers such dangerous drugs. 

She says that this place is negligent, reckless and dangerous. Tashi points out that the medspa insinuates that  their vitamin drips are beneficial to people with Chronic Fatigue, Anemia and Lyme disease. However, all of these are serious diseases. A random drip can’t help with such serious conditions. 

Cienega Med Spa puts the lives of its clients at risk through the negligence and greed of its leadership.

In the pictures below Tashi has highlighted how Cienega makes ridiculous claims about its “Vitamin drips”, putting the lives of its patients in danger:

rbQQdZjUPZk7yWfZvd0jJxFA9yFcev i SdWcVqGTGKM84H5xKCBsuGyMFWZcyBZKCmg6xUvtNC9uLyxrA vb7FFq4ixERqYvb R V7CJNzwaXwD48Lh1QbrZsaCL
B6xFyjghlLL j12xFTr3M4me9HycKONrIr0CSBVmkzzsaZ A75PaEfexS0D7B7rnIcBw3H5w1Ee7VIkWGoqXxw7P4PQkLvTtnZ1ZKAiZU 3WHJsDh

Cienega Med Spa Has Careless Staff and Poor Customer Service

v10TLn7 jvTDzsa8kEuuGKdkBA1Ug5 9bxCO3Wk3roMEEDd7HuLeIkD6dOlWkXRRm5CEwUgdOKvmHG5LKuuGa NlAZrciHBpaSREVO9stMeWJ8KQ1VFKvfZ4JS8s5rni7sNypCmELRAl0iyScM8kLqSBgR8dl7pWy7eqXB6GM3z3vSb0UzZA3JbuwCQs

Dawn shares that this medspa is quite noisy and you’ll hear the noises in both the treatment room as well as the waiting room. She says that she could hear full conversations and laughter. 

It was a tense experience for her instead of being a relaxing one. During the procedure, a different staff member had interrupted her provider because they needed help with a piece of equipment in another room. 

Dawn thought it was unprofessional of them to do so. Also, when she was waiting for her treatment to begin, a staff member from the reception came into the treatment room to ask for payment. She says that the timing of this seemed quite bizarre. The front desk staff could’ve asked for the payment when she was waiting in the reception but instead, chose to barge into the treatment room.

Also, when Dawn arrived for her appointment, she didn’t receive any kind of welcome. It seemed as if she had disturbed the people there and interrupted a conversation. After she completed her paperwork, they put her in an uncomfortable room where she waited for her consultation with a nurse. 

Dawn shares that she had noticed the noisy chatter. Hence, when the nurse came in, she mentioned the same to her. She responded by saying that they have been there for a long time and are a lot busier. Dawn says that this response was preposterous. 

Afterwards, they brought her into the treatment room. She shares that the loud chatter was still bothersome. Then, a man came in, didn’t introduce himself and put numbing cream on her. She asked him about the noise and he told her that it was because the owner was present. 

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Dawn points out that between the constant chatter and laughter, the laser and the complete disregard of her as a client, she didn’t know what was more unbearable. She says that her entrance and exit didn’t disturb the front desk staff as they never greeted her. 


Later, someone from Cienega Med Spa contacted her and apologized for the experience she had. The company rep told Dawn that she would pass on her review to upper management. That’s it. 

Dawn says that she spent $350 here and they didn’t even offer a partial refund of this amount. Certainly, she hated her experience with this medspa. 

Botched Procedure Caused the Client to Go to the ER

rZluQ7GUyZblH2EZwZEGZIGdJ8wEjLYHOehVoEfKMR3Bh2mQPyrP6Ydznv4448zNtyi6NTmscDnEhK7UDT0y QINpOfbnB86iwd0p6QShB4PhqkBjZFnrDTQ2c2DTufwSbpn8qTLNoWvNjG6ZnbDE5PKzSbwX8wWVAsWfDle9 1Aql QXjn9JwkYPI3O

Chanel had very high hopes when she visited this medspa. She got the coolsculpting procedure the first day she visited the place. Chanel says that the people were nice but very dishonest. 

They had told her that she might experience tingling and slight discomfort during the procedure. Yet, the provider kept telling her that she was doing great because some people break down in tears during this procedure.

Chanel says that this contradiction should have been her first red flag. However, at the time, she didn’t notice it. 

She asked what she would feel after the treatment and everyone there told her that she would feel tingling, numbness, and maybe a slight discomfort at the treated region. It was all a lie. 

Chanel shares that she experienced a month of excruciating nerve pain and hasn’t recovered yet. She went to the ER because based on her symptoms, she needed a CAT scan. Doctors suspected that she might have internal bleeding. 

Chanel says that she will never get cool sculpting in her life. She might also file a lawsuit against Cienega Med Spa for the horrendous treatment they gave to her. 


Chanel had shared an update on her review because the spa posted a rebuttal to her complaint. They claimed that they didn’t have Chanel in their database. 

She responded by highlighting that she had emailed and called them. Also, she had received her services on July 31st. She points out that she has kept all the receipts so they shouldn’t lie so blatantly. 

Cienega Med Spa Failed the Coolsculpt Procedure, Harassed the Client to Remove Her Review

IkSabxbLOCzS3SjljVODOu3yq3w6YWccVhKObIc7AzfBprLniZseTiRj3fAFR0MCuRKK 0CZV30O3271swDe2HH7gcNuuYedwMFj0NIM dr650IJvgWpfgol3w9zMp98swV5P54d3k5I2qO3 Myil 4ej8A6GbfB Dygug2kpXjOWj08pFMdd szXBKA

Here, the reviewer says that women over 50 years old should not visit Cienega Med Spa. She points out that the coolsculpting procedure is not for everyone. The reviewer waited for 6 months to ensure she was not judging her results prematurely. 

Finally, she faced the truth that the procedure did not work for her. 

The coolsculpt did not work for her and she thinks that it might be because of her age. 

She thinks that there haven’t been enough studies conducted on this procedure. So, it’s hard to determine when it fails to yield results. In her experience, the panels couldn’t grab the tissue properly and they had to change them. As a result, the procedure failed and they had to restart. 

The reviewer highlights that she lost a significant amount of money by paying for this procedure. Moreover, she had to talk to a PR executive working for Cienega Med Spa who kept urging her to remove her Yelp review. 

Also, there was no change in the fat area she had treated. In her experience, the coolsculpt at this medspa didn’t work. She doesn’t recommend this place nor this service to women over 50. 

Made a Clerical Error, Harassed the Client and Discriminated Against Her

L0CFDe2O4hTR2fNBmDWbauF6rUUairY1qv2avG0 Ri7l JioMC79JKNyfvd6AslhRg

Julia shares that she had been coming to Cienega Med Spa for 2 years for laser hair removal. A few weeks before she posted her review, they had sold her a mix of two packages to finish up the two latest areas she was working on. 

Due to some error, they didn’t charge her for one of the sessions in the package which they didn’t tell her about until her next visit. At that time, they became very hostile and treated her like a criminal.

Julia says that their sudden change in behavior was because of a $95 session when she had spent over $4000 at the place. She explained that it was an error and she shouldn’t have to pay the full single session price. Julia told them that she was willing to pay the package price for an additional session. 

However, they told her that her offer is unacceptable. Also, the staff told her that there’s nothing they can do about it. 

She went to her next appointment and scheduled her next session. They didn’t mention the $95 again until her next sessions. The front desk staff ignored her for 30 minutes and made sit in the lobby. 

When she finished her sessions, they harassed her again for the $95 session. Julia asked the staff why they didn’t say anything when she was waiting in the lobby for 30 minutes. She also pointed out how they frequently ignored her when she was in the waiting room. 

Julia felt as if they were discriminating against her. Now, the medspa is refusing to perform the rest of the sessions left in her package. Also, they are telling her that they can’t refund the remainder of the sessions. Because of this experience, Julia doesn’t recommend this medspa.

Cienega Med Spa appeared disorganized and did not resolve a hygiene issue

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They were requesting a negative report of the covid from their clientele before the appointment

ZQbe4KA646xwUGrgMJwvE0sTqyUCorEYLk02f0iI9khhnZ94ogWVPx VNT5y7oetFmEJdfojXVnpZVYwVmFB g TrtIPt4zm8WRGnAhTQcU4rS cHSnmdYhQTACunjkBQjVsuUQ

Cienega Med Spa was failing to respond to customer emails appropriately and looked unscrupulous

BAW2qhrgmjbRkh1Hgd3mYZIGkT bcH26uFy04qjgAwlijoN1K0wR5 nD2TgO hTRh6U 4NfMD9ZsDaYMcwIyXjOhHmJRYM9Wk1WfV4kodRjpOsRVKHMv7hji4IlVNrjJ9kCMMQYd1llSYVqyRh3dcomvLDbAT EnR3PGvkWnXAQEweRhbVhaubKleX1t

They were delivering subpar results to their clients

image 14

There would be scarring on the face of the customer after the procedure

image 15

They were performing a painful and ineffective treatment

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Cienega demonstrated unethical conduct, and machines were obsolete

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They were using expired fillers that appeared to be ineffective

zT35JXj4RmvvdDvMcwfiON9rV6MCkOZz1Frr5rLi 5dB1HsLjBFlMZueMDEL2b6RZcVNB4EyETnso1utNMNPt9pruaZsWcvsyFDnOFcyELlvpkt4Tqiezcmx pR9PnfQ5FYmW1JGZUmNFYJ1 rs6FItGaR37oMHTNOxWdQN0ncPV4tE QYYUQBZdOJK4

MedSpa did not provide any information regarding its offerings

NQ1dDVbLP YMezyW51rt6hxitMyVKkpDgzoKcaIjfMUJ9vUVW2VeYZX0gdENox6MronNIrtryql QY LC uDdaUwLNcVABp0Ohaj9z5hxCYbtdVQaBMUvVxKHkOZnrsrtIzAtg57o4MUJLrD2oQIB 5nMMYiEgd5kaVzvG4Gmliuqk0dLCuyx1 oCWp4

They canceled their clients’ appointments without informing them

EPK5UJQ2xZ4Bv9lIsTLy79 eMOwPUjtpKxU1H6Qc8oEpYhRlY3xXB4SZt3YebEJZR HbIIdOCyXYJK wlMwO3jKihfi4EuxwEDZCFPWnDdgGcnQsYiiwhuf5H6buR8 zJbtLQFtopi8DoEw eLJ Y9X8T0XU8dzW1fb3RvkJJIcUd94cJi08SezmlaqJ

Cienega Med Spa provided terrible customer service

DXhMyD1STijj1id6sw2XgqekHLhAs8R7zI0znOZhN PlCuIcSNVP78o MnTrPvyk48zv8iqAx7qEJM8Crof3w ElLM pWgCD1xWaKwackybFV5tpXpEuDBd2oQoQ2l7xaJ 7r3 IdY8FnhuH1uFYIrgHfqFBlGa3Kjb 3goVqlZiK35Hua8O 6UpgRW

They were not delivering better services to their clients

wc61m1WfVcQVJfg4R5P8AXcnU OaWY981S1y 6tv4fTfJ4eCKDcc KJmQ7Twi6WSYBF TxwGa9xhWeO7lqkEHKqQSn0l0tcA1MhUeQcUf aGSSR5KmqwosAkOMb ZzwcYIgwgwnCb5HU26FJ06F4TCF4J UJv

They were unprofessional and knew nothing about the profession

hTy7r9x74sWaxi5eM25dLofgW 1VsfR7NM ikIYZstCAz8pxkGq H W9SK9ucBAQiFtFzRXhKj6Py3DTZ9aswV0TRU1AUUrtoy2USR3wMferkJoNXyvm9Aa Avb6Z5wBQaaNuF p5OKCjLHalPJBd MJo3Kp5slu yGDIMeagNPXeB5SjuPFn9th sB9

They were careless, appeared like scammers, and failed to pay on time

Cienega Med Spa botched the procedure, and the client was overcharged

EFNowq0qfSmsfNyBbNgZwvzZ4aArHhqm0Zzx804hShXpABhA4hAI9sOXDA fvFGNqEwsBVD

They deleted their social media accounts to remove all negative feedback

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Cienega Med Spa’s lack of treatment information suggests dubious activities

5JY 3TbXLzzrliKSLAXlHFtPyVcIovg7D2uu0GNqINcieJBcSZASSl2s1XiWu v2kwNhMJdpqmqtNu usx 5nkMNGbfPWoLbch3Xi9uaNyDg80LJHhZ80njXx0nYyBxJJfcIX55QMO9Zp0kwBZOAYwcltk9C80sK1vdesIOHq TKQuehQIT2WS

There were delays in the appointments

moLcDf2EN5uh2F6gKClIq2ZJvTghbrV lQLbZPk hPEl

Cienega Med Spa duped their patients by charging them more money

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They forced clients to pay extra in Covid, which appeared to be deceptive advertising

AzecRCbQFG83gbIa qqoLb0xLxlCFELEuG9EV9bcKdqBtFzI2xnBzM8afLi9gegD4o1l4 kyOUFqvZMevhpKfE4 SWUdAd8WOc ameYcsVdTLm T2dNSgMCnJwPKqG8Rc4Uuw1aBvxZBZXJq ZmMr2dyZ3fnhLJ54erBJTTDftV0xRIhbvwphYa yCNl
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Cienega refused to fix the faulty procedure that they had carried out

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The personnel was disrespectful and used various tactics and machines to complete the procedure

kKUNXeKYDstHWgbb61fAPDtIkAeCWtH4BrnznfABu2JguaVFJ7WF6i BtKznuzIqZr5Lq7Pq5gcP3KTDjG5gmOi8XW8jcKvxReFpwgx6XZWsUUC76O3 sRclSRc9sF0ga0mG24o1 XBh7P5w0a Tc8QavZaNqDoo95j56sJJgU9EVznIl36nM9dmFE0e

The services of Cienega Med Spa cannot be beneficial to its patients

awwVHkcIT1EU jJAP5bhSpdxXiXiu89S6Sv010oj9IzWmuJHcE922PQiO7WVzOlYIrj6QDYoaIJqVzlgTgNG5fH3nky4LsueGwKhKq4HeJH5 S9ToJDUAm4YKLcIpnf0F 7iXhCE7

Initially, they were ineffective in results, forcing the patient to endure a second operation

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They were offering poor medical care to their patients

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Cienega MedSpa appeared to be rude to its customers and overcharged them

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The same issue happened since the staff members were inappropriate and insensitive

VSwKE4qWfEdBnuYilHlwDdCOC7Y TfXBWiyskuEGbOdZAnC5bG3YI2TCSjbyedDSsXWEOjuEQbKPTo9opbJzrAmqOR3CTturSu eof1qxR74TSpW2BnGiiBw4GgT19BSBbgAkkiO S EPjTQyjk6PsqmZnqlonAq0LJ8v hIeA C8gEez9oqZ QG8JN

Cienega Medspa was perceived to be unpleasant, with no patience

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Cienega Med Spa was overcharging its clientele while giving disappointing outcomes


The first encounter was pleasant, but the second was a nightmare

v8JF OQ9709 XqZGmEiLJJBPuTbfn2Jzh 65BIf9YhjWck78Rqfg2nFWZnaoGI83kt8k6wdHQE 5CKvbKriQFU5 3DxNQICn qC 5CW31gP UMEcAPu4n1 UU0yq 8ODS7HEGKVG wU2TQ1QSLeXLmZRXnH9 hb qThrK KdDLbTIp87R5SZlImAqJ

Cienega was unable to provide adequate treatment at the second visit


Patients experienced horrifying adverse effects after putting their trust in Cienega Medical Spa

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They cheated people after they gained their trust

GVynyjciYhTvxz9SNXayLKVour5tRec wMFC0fj0EXzfEgeVSomBoLaXPAWpyQPS6AH QwHJiqfkORCGGWe0DbOORzX zypYADFvroadoOZ 7pQ9IU4OOK5YvmG2n8mPFdpDZ1REF5bkBfwJRtTPIIsmwcRROp73GkFPbD7FMhRCobERZwyWlfFhTcgi

Cienega MedSpa charged its patients for complimentary sessions that appeared to be unpleasant

NNwRkLSiYIGbTBJHtVbgmn QnnJyb4RuHlsYu5q1fNwNjQyjn3s4Rc5TyHZEuTO2efz 1y5qt Wuu

Cienega Medspa paid people to post glowing evaluations about them

aHn09QHZHh9 35xRk7JJntHIF20MRhxdZmM8YVY0 zvraJjVHXITTqr tWS9WQ4nawzhY9thYuFDmV2w9PapdkeQ29qETkCrb8ZSEJ8zHKMtmzEdyRmAu8cqi9oaOxbLkPYiGXuS9A D2j LvLDhGN58ncM2
Lmcz4 VKs5lpxprg0GnXPQtnS26fB1 M6uCvYDHKD0fp4Fvdzmi5ZgWTOBn76zPGL4WZe dnwPMePHumWgNjZv2RDx7s12O0iCH4EKbfMknGneCaKazntVtb anpBl8gmgT7ef7 vH5pI07SEaYte00UbcBzsJT7oFgoHqB16wdT5teKUWmTuX4kThrZ

They refused to reimburse the cost of the four procedures

f0k6X8FyIMWRsG9zoKMtewgCR7wDNckWPefIgV 9BOZ3kQO3IpdXqeC7BRYSmABrVUKeN6so dOU2hst4qV Ahz3 9Szhp4c QGywJ vCMkFNG6TQ3p1fPM1vZr5K

Worst of all, they were unable to finish Coolsculpting

YCl5oWY8ODRuQzciXpo8z0YxM6 OqrQ6OJo30msBRs ezGHS35Vmn7u dpHa2oAxOdCuvS38wWJfmmJCbGR5eMc4CO57XBKnP0Hddo7VhiSu83hQ2To3Z3fdOxCbWYukb53xcLZwSODBhfiL 8 I3l9OShF1vzgn7sq06nhnF0LNHWc3PicByAbnMhoR

Cienega Spa was unable to provide better treatment and provided terrible customer service

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Cp7KzCv2hNmRPk1MgtkSgKPxil7roJdUXEqaZiCmyW pJ Ga 5iDYrpgOTTLCq85tMN9F6lcvNQpOi5bJ4f JsbF3Wrc0Px3IjkU WOVkbL7QfMGKH XKgBn57kXQAHbixNKusxmwm3jxAh0KUDeaxf9hgHiGoHfSKp1XkwY tVOjRsR E IpLBrTt

After trusting them, patients failed therapy and lost money

LL32Nmzp0TlaL3xlpXtNxDLSN6xuQK6UWS3SktUKAsYZfgwc4 CpdJfH fRJ31ol8Q aFFg9oINHwzHfgnIprMomcGqSgZRxLMhRsOqWY7CMnHb3Y2HtIXyW3AYXB9zGNNoK7CgT2UYr2OJbfLtX

Patients had poor laser hair removal, and Cienega Spa appeared to be careless

ZxoDC9Zbx4WriAzzaBD8U9BSpJPESTRY9JKWy9J5BcQImHgQE59iyq9jrb4y3MaU6rq6IlaDtdlS9NZqqc4lA84aM9ldsE50lRu6Ef0Vt s9S hy1V30fr46ZwK8tXL4ht9i2vhgzN9WQSjUimm

They pushed their customers to undergo further procedures

O33UrTopx1UYP0XMAYdLhqpJKHbJ53g540VD W1whxzxNpbGXMMoWvELpMFEeRVymL3Nsd98jQc PIQ73KOQXqntey6uw6M3HxygAtWlTw8t1MwZE2ArrWaKHUWM7hU5Q9znDadUl3bUMkFgDWJ07kBAM39N 2CrO1N8Zy83FAwyFzGiLMh5Q9RKNIj5

Following the patients’ encounters with the same issue

Cienega Med Spa’s prices were more than others, and the results were unexpected

CkJWgQRYsVBz8 Ou512owFD1V66c3on2JpfVc8ug8o0qwiOksDEPNhB1smyXikwXowo yc i5TozEQDK9 MKEXVqyxzEf97ULu24BKAo kvza3o7Q7SmYsMifVEyD axJhBI6pIShdLnkAnM z2EpvUpTkEDaPZsi6pGvQS8O

There were delays in appointment scheduling, making it difficult to contact them

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rquByGDehcrOGdSgWKvg506YyEC5lqC7U1kDNLXWdr39wigRC8yX4m4l BEH6B663Cxz3NmoPSk20MkkM198NOo6qRFqeWuV X 8cFzevhaBPrTrXDdab51QYWbXXWyG 3I b0FTBnKBxR801
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Cienega never responded to its clients’ emails

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They completely messed up the Lips SO procedure

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They appeared to be deceitful and unscrupulous

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They knew nothing about laser tattoo removal

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They appeared arrogant and unconcerned about their patients

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Cienega MedicalSpa provides pricey procedures that appear to be unpleasant

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They were charging an additional fee for normal vitamin infusions


Another Yelp Complaint About How They Waste Time

HVZ0lsaXvw3d1kCAA1 3nF4b3oL4CyD9N1QfM47A625B5W3X9r6tk41Pyqn4eZSSrcE7lycS4k 7KA6CHThGT7saKSLkwILrNQ6EWwR5gJyIii0WENOduGOKZgXt84ThIcYLGUnK6N1W1jc5J owF9VZ2DX5N8QllS1ez19Drwg tnENbObHJ9ownAk2

“Overpriced Place Doesn’t Even Provide Good Service”

Q6n5RPlhoIOElFRVBK0oBD6ldR4lJ0Vzq2RileAjnwxeZ9KhXli KvPS

” Waited for 1.5 hours” and they were completely unhelpful

E cyOR0ShBWCRZw1NyOI3L5v7pdBpKX6vyhw91N31EtekFItXHWTJ ravzN27faQIRr 8Ott5PyishyOG73Wm 2Dt3 9QsJDfyzPvy6NDxEqGXVJs6xt4v 8wIZUjVmyI3i8Dy8r

Cienega MedSpa was most Pathetic and unhygienic

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Laser hair removal appears to be inefficient due to a “lack of appropriate follow-up”

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The manager of Cienega Med Spa seemed to have zero ethics, and there were no safety measures in place

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After botching the procedure, they just blamed the product


Cienega Medspa declined to offer a refund following a failed lip augmentation treatment

Np 8kiIB1VI5v7D8F2TdQqfS1bVslDvZ yE83rGe2 xkxzOafhHeglNCd3zITdwl0ANkx FhXbNzIvEcDmkDKLTlNyn8U1LjiiM3lO2C4m9ZR2kTEFC8o8QuIBIekVdvz rJ9SUS8
DIPdZmQOJicdX0E1 En4 FaylnCjaUAcTsOQ0PxD8fHgNuAJuUrQlLBcsIoB76dXDBuZexwIjsvcfsUcNB8aEA4EfGSeBACLRbEEmrCdZRfQYmFeP0X4JiAHBjQeYdPJYLNGz ArrdcAwdqcxoiS3dex6gqYvzzV0 0pcrz Qu4mshwaUgAhODE9OPr
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They appeared to be a nightmare. “Do Not Go Here For Microneedling”

wIfchtHjwazebBev9XaQvNAYMuJG6HGDBKo7YuGCtTHDDEaZmFWt6 idEIn3ZNZ6canSOgi9idfJm0A41EBYWG6fp1woDc8OvpKxbADpRHibpXr iRRLltnDF1 BtBsF X49nYtavrNnNuTRg6VU
dgVScKoUoVsaZOiSt ok1NG9GsBxjsyeFXfba3oq93eqS7QtxvJa JOxIP6pWu 53y8SaWwWFhiVLQwDeCZbmXuVgoAKeUJMHrs lKJFdz sbs9iuGHf3xp3cDQMj72XzDY7TfB7hEbG3DWc

Initially, they provided inadequate services to their consumers

skR5SDCHJ he4z6ZvWv7LmnzIC2xdAMxOrm4K7q7Y2x0Oje04n9fof30JJIpxcb11 OcV7UJL077mxj6hwvvrtn1x77mOc8 N57am6vnvowgSQLOrccVLl6 8sPcIwCE HJt4UlXlFdDjWChoVGVOJmf9tnCkQ 4S bLVompcqTszWNQ VhHH8z0eH

People who interacted with Cienega Med Spa were subjected to uncomfortable procedures

JiHmwTLfn2ylFHhQ8nhgjMqoSgh2nM851sFrKsXkWEp MnD5eLZN aX4fFFmFMJcTFdcYy mmdoaJBjcl0zvECjSK5PYnABTfksmuanwIOASxCka5FU7Zd8y6wGOnxXero33TtgOxfwifpZ36PBtYpibqN4uEJ3qjO5 4 aGMv2d3Vn RNr3FbzA0clA

Another Yelp client complains about how they mislead their patients

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rmCPQ7B26aSlJDTEczcpi3NkSUXy9th9GfST8dLQys9AX3fQB6u7Iog2Rb0kOu8wsyzxVakxItNSS33TRAcDTvMH VMRaxRAuMEG96lThQ31H4os lVr1JoyQEvLHCVynNjtcc5pptzCXbO3c o4B5vEH0vB 84W7C3 MPz02qA5wwliKAak93ZQcgkt

Another client complains about a faulty procedure

hkAy6CG9x1 nt4We0vtM01dURB4BKyJT18wZfXOO
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VNWyhY7gzh7zm5KUDl1RHyECFfNYUYn8A94VsIBCfUr0YzhynfwaU7YgfH4ORQczF0HAusetRjWo Ew7nt0 y4vxetinYV1Wqe6bdteyxEDiklDIgoieUQQKdtxpLFs7Fk9jKBTJyXzkof yAox RB3SzkC6 I9yrCC 1YDj75HX0QTBqKtCh zPRsZa
Qs5J0kCdheU OBG n8n1FBZA7R99eirdhQk 2KlDeYcTGp e1BoTWJUUYloj7HPR1Aj7bTEzakrgmudjDa7PTTswFknIDl9GbGXuc9RMPgIVa0irA0KpDavTHafkWScJvoXdxKTp1kA7tYOWs7XWqW5EPMLU5 jme utlGxtP3 94Eb lXbyq4k0 N8C

Cienega Med Spa was producing unsatisfactory results for its clients

F4 yA8vplz3X5lIWcVeaIe842QQtP B05IRmx2N6e05lvrO9lxA3i1S7q6v95UW

Concern regarding overcharging and unprofessional conduct

6qkxNy1PBJAj4DdvfZ93x2yDjE47NQQaI E9tu3CKB7Te QewTqy85Pb5fJPvdon1yR9Q9Jan8gE YReqSVCKVyFSluY1fJ2XWmy9sdovNIPpkKsaOhf1oW7ORthwzUlsOfOdQ7wIF0Mu82 KyDLDJANKiRUOs3 9hl5aZGFZ4Xx 2PhQ2r3q ocJyhA

A gripe about Cool Sculpting “they are trying to sell this service without really explaining the risk”

2OxUAhSufwqQ 6vA4UVLLougXOEIAnLtau3 buB34dWc9smAzgi2tREX6MRuoaQRq56iQ9hPkACTf0TfHsEuhp2tlClssaaOrm5ZbUTEeTIVPPm5PgRmer7hIy3iTwz9Aijn3EPzTsSwe7MzQepaoIOUEyQxnJf4QGzcMaVHxlLCZI3Bd5RZ4MAk j6Z

Another review on Yelp regarding Cienega Med Spa’s practice of paying for positive reviews

OEeO0lFw DmOqCdIDs8eP9E74qhCR24NEijAwoiFRF33TrU735F4juhKWPWaHx gSzD70 4cQJhY3yC6Czc4cOQ3diVgCM0pHSWQW rDhr n4E0o4SAy1k2kYOK6rUuQpSEIAJy9jLAkssN2tp4aV7uWaPAkcBHD6VSZnUkbxGruWfQI4CVD7quUA 2l

They were unable to determine an appropriate time for the procedure to be performed

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Poor Parking system

H9WBCmhFKbtz DnyggjM07 IdTozRh jpb eYWW G7CC 6HyvTgVEUO4utcxXHypVCo7BghEAavfy ihGJSIF8p P9Pk SJtTwhpd s02cRhiPtIp6x9cdo2 d8e078sDFI92la1rphLPEmqemPvx4vUQXJ1iUb56uiEsEtjOMB8Yqq5dcr 4it5Ropc

Disappointed after the procedure”feel like a cheap clinic”

JAdghH97j9 PYJB3RVy paCEQr jTCEdEXYcn4FdmhhDxrSNxPkE4l39Zv NQI4vnaTu41A wqZNBo5SM9Q4WEVG4u6TUnzh9t9TNLv vQlatyw9vYIUkdE0

They ruined their clients’ faces by performing a bogus process

oFSnzHixp YTPJnoBIT2xspWRe66DkdOjhfqgnnv3E8VezyTygv8ewrskEypy2SCpTeBcREgmmTZ07n5D9ouvBCG eMLBTwRcRcfQPSBdidNRnoXNCyH4nayZ

Another complaint about ineffective laser hair removal techniques

XedBs755y9gQDLdVu9ZscSGq9Wa6yUQSwtD9hLfDZCdN44cPAcPA5sPrNbRmwCQmOOyKnAqIHpA4WDt53lv uJYAlOxBQHR AXOwtkDA GNbU4ZBMg7C4ED1zzW5pIvY0cD7heN ASNt31tePWKjBKI GWcsRRj1ATAYDqnTngClIaBDv GhYZg32vy

Cienega Med Spa problem with credit card payments

MU2TzOT1zHybthET6DU0IPjDVqysPXuJfvIYmSFKxls0 X1eZrFQ56eUE8TMp3MB25CNnNeStb4cLPF 5jO4lRKK BfHsA5fk5fxRmNMa9 O7hm3QFP59aKd5YeICxJeuCvtehUFdw6NcYwRCeiIa6zDKQNEtoGBqtnaHV v37yJ 7pS8FIzeumihrQd

Cienega fooled its customers by conducting phony commerce

mCrmd8D3xMPywUEuh8xKl1zA4YWazauXyn2TV4ofThUSo2jwpjyNoJLGNdJd6XcfyKBax75FAU y91Id0NyKbbrZcSxyoYX7OR3UfhzjD9YrZtJvtGEX4UDy3UO09 nPCpdGXF1oXO0m0 fcwIbbFNYuir8fyFsMaS 1UW7N OdD 1id5rs89odjTFMl

Appointment scheduling was delayed

zjoAudx8OxE38vEXWXIkpCS N7jJYldKo39viNEFBae A0b0vFBy lCwLd64yKc9GRvdhBM aqfm8bj4XF8GNTdSrPcf Jgsz4gODoF9G89IJXObqWiHLVi9lXBJfgVIb5iEsHAfJ2VaIbOi5DIDakBU pcYZeJMY7J9LnfEYgC19xA uY6HLzlVWlMH

Another complaint about the agonizing procedure

ELVBHZZTKvR57GfN76zmqF BsZAITi3kxR7Lib8LIGY114CCL4gabeJTPwFHmRaOWTeL2SJ5ALzWme5mWNy2 zSerPvBy9tmeWnBliGfvnmXV3455Q7F4 4iH5vY3XZVPLUSGusVTVXGOAgH2EicvhiqGG HQ

They appeared to be thieves who preyed on their clients

8CKwLjo09cZ2L46hHcl2ecC HSM29e1IJLH9mKGzIOh9XyVd5vQYPHcWhD0HKWqs8 PDLKcAIQz7DzIEQtkaR0CsQjhor5401LiVCn2yQrDjtPYNGBSZCoimGwTVkoH0vB9bWgO4WQrQI2zzU4id DcLVUViQn8jT9zCsVjIIdXMwJ fNIgDmeY943E

Cienega Med Spa was not providing accurate appointment scheduling information


The procedure was botched.” skin became darker after the treatment”

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Cienega seemed more expensive than another MedSpa that has not much expertise

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They appeared to be engaging in fraudulent enterprise for profit motive

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Another issue concerning lengthy and time-consuming procedures

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Cienega Medical Spa It looks like they were not well run

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Management Failure And appeared unprofessional

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Cienega Med Spa had a toxic atmosphere and appeared to be abusive

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Cienega Med Spa appeared to be engaging in unethical medical procedures

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More negative Yelp reviews for the management

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They lacked interviewing and communication skills

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Cienega Med Spa is a horrible business which takes advantage of both its clients and its staff members. People have suffered from various ailments becuase of the sheer negligence of its owner, Dr. Stokes. 

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Moreover, instead of fixing these issues the leadership of this medspa tries to hide the problems by using shady marketing tactics. All of this suggests that Cienega Med Spa is a terrible place and you should never trust them with any cosmetic procedure. Avoid them at all costs!

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  1. They genuinely don’t care about their patients and deliver mediocre care; I’m not sure who permitted them to perform these procedures given how they treat their clients. I went in for a consultation for an IPL photo facial, but after the procedure, I noticed redness on my face. When I contacted them, they assured me that this was common following treatment and that it will eventually go away; however, there were no significant changes on my face after a month.

  2. I will not recommend it to anyone because it was mishandled. After the procedure, I requested a refund, but they refused and began making ridiculous excuses for why they couldn’t. If you are considering having this type of surgery, you should first conduct the necessary research before proceeding with the procedure. Spending money on a visit to this location would be a complete waste of time and money because it is so absurd.

  3. They were supposed to do my laser hair removal, but it turned out to be the worst experience of my life. The personnel was unfriendly and didn’t appear to care about their clients. The appointment went wrong, and we had to wait for half an hour. I do not believe that the service that I paid for was beneficial to me because I observed that these people lacked in-depth knowledge of the procedure, and after dealing with them, I feel pretty bad about claiming that they were providing the best service when, in fact, they did not provide the best service at all.

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